This summer’s BBQ trends

13 August 2018

Trend watchers predicted it a while ago: in 2018 we would be barbecuing even more often. Cooking outdoors is the in thing and the barbecue is increasingly an extension of the kitchen. The sunny weather of the past couple of months has certainly contributed towards this trend. We’re going to highlight some of the nicest barbecue trends of this summer for you.

Barbecued vegetables

This summer barbecues won’t simply revolve around large pieces of meat: vegetables are muscling in and taking up more and more space on the grill. More vegetables and more green on the bbq is the trend. On the one hand due to the desire to eat more healthily and responsibly, on the other hand because more and more people are opting for a meat-free lifestyle, not only due to concerns related to animal welfare but also due to environmental considerations. Vegetables, such as aubergines, courgettes, paprikas and sweet potatoes, are great grilled on the bbq. And the traditional hamburger is facing competition from the beetroot-burger, hummus-burger and mushroom-burger. Thanks to their natural look the packaging and disposables van Biodore® fit in perfectly with this trend.

Small morsels

Finger-food is hot and we’re seeing that reflected on the barbecue in the shape of small morsels, such as moinkballs, chicken lollipops and mini satay skewers. These small delicacies will be perfectly presented and served in the Biodore® dishes made of Kraft paper or palm fronds or in the wooden ‘amuse boats’. The small dishes are available in various sizes and shapes (round, oval and rectangular) for a natural food presentation. We also offer an extensive range of wooden and bamboo cocktail sticks and skewers.

Culinary masterpieces

Encouraged by programmes such as Grillmasters we are experimenting freely with methods and tastes. Complete meals, including desserts, are being cooked on the barbecue. People are also prepared to spend a lot more time barbecuing and want to serve something really special. When you put so much effort into creating an amazing dish you, naturally, also think about the presentation. With Biodore® you have everything you need for a perfectly laid table: from cutlery and plates to beer glasses and serviettes. Light up the barbecue!

The natural disposables from Biodore® are available from various sales points.