Celebrating sustainably: the rise of the green festival

24 July 2018

Each year around 800 festivals are organised in the Netherlands. All good fun, but the impact of festivals on the environment and local area is considerable. Luckily the organisers are doing more and more to make festivals ‘green’, for example by reducing and recycling rubbish and by opting to use sustainable energy.

The trend for sustainability and awareness is also penetrating festival-land. More and more festivals are being profiled as ‘green’, ‘sustainable’ and ‘responsible’. That is what the general public want to see. Along with energy-saving measures and waste reduction and recycling, festivals are also aiming for responsible catering. In the past festival food meant a hamburger, fries and a pizza. These days the food is an important component of the festival experience, with organic and healthy being the dominant themes.

A natural presentation

Biodore® packaging and disposables fit in perfectly with the ‘green’ festival ethos and experience. The products are made entirely of natural materials, such as palm leaves, wood, bamboo, bagasse and paper. The natural disposables show us the versatility and beauty of the natural world. Nature’s patterns, such as the veins in a palm leaf, make each item unique and ensure a dynamic food presentation.


Depending on the type of material, Biodore® products are certificated compostable and/or recyclable or stimulate re-use or waste separation. In this way the products also contribute towards responsible waste processing.

Super practical

The natural Biodore® disposables not only dovetail perfectly with today’s festival ethos and experience, they are also extremely practical. The collection includes cups, dishes, plates, bowls, serviettes, cutlery and a handy carrying tray. The products are very sturdy, so no worries about floppy plates and cutlery that shatters.

Biodore® natural disposables are available from various stores and outlets.