The ban on single use plastics

25 February 2019

Plastic pollution is considered to be one of the worst environmental problems. Things must change because, if the current production trends continue, by 2050 the oceans will contain more plastic than fish. This is why last year the EU announced a new measure that will prohibit the use of Single Use Plastics (SUP). The new legislation is expected to go into effect in 2021. With Biodore® you will be prepared.

What does the guideline involve?

The ban on SUPs will cover all products that are partially or fully made of plastic and that have not been developed for repeated use. ‘Plastic’ means all types of plastic, including bio-plastics such as PLA and PBS. There will be a total ban on plastic cutlery, drinking straws, plates, stirrers, EPS cups and EPS meal boxes.
Other (partially) plastic items, including coffee cups, ice-cream and fruit tubs and sandwich packaging, will be subject to a so-called ‘policy of discouragement’: The use of these products must be reduced in an ‘ambitious and sustainable manner’. The guideline also demands a redesign of recloseable cups and bottles. The lids and caps must remain attached to the cup/bottle during use.

SUP-proof packaging

The SUP-ban makes new packaging solutions essential. On the one hand we must seek out alternative materials. At the same time packaging must be (re)designed in such a way that it is suitable for repeated use and/or recycling. Biodore® already offers the solution with a wide variety of ‘SUP-proof packaging’. The disposables are made of natural materials, including palm fronds, cardboard and bagasse. Natural materials also score well with consumers. So with Biodore® you comply not only with the changing legislation and regulations, but also with the wishes of the consumer.

A complete range

Since the introduction of Biodore® in 2015 the range of natural disposables has grown considerably. Now we offer an alternative for virtually all single-use plastics. Consider, for example, paper drinking straws, bagasse menu containers and plates, palm frond dishes and wooden cutlery. With Biodore® you benefit from a complete range of natural disposables.

The natural Biodore® disposables are available from various sales points. These sales points are also where you can ask for made-to-measure advice and help with compiling a SUP-proof packaging range.

* As at the time of writing this article (February 2019) the content of the new Law is still not definite, changes to the nature and scope of the ban may be forthcoming.