Super soup!

4 February 2019

Soup is ‘in’. More and more caterers are putting (freshly made) soup on the menu. Soup is suitable in every season of the year and at every time of the day. Soup is also an easy way to get your five-a-day. And last but not least, soup contributes towards reducing food waste because it’s an ideal way to use left-overs and vegetables that are not attractive enough to serve whole or sliced.

All day any day soup

Soup is sometimes called the ‘new cup of coffee’, because it can be consumed at any time. As a snack, lunch, evening meal, supper or nightcap. This fits in perfectly with today’s trend in which traditional meal times are disappearing. So, whether it’s cold outside (pea soup) or hot (gazpacho), whether the occasion is casual (French onion) or chic (mushroom consommé with truffle croutons), there is always a suitable soup.

Healthy & easy

Soup also fits perfectly with the healthy lifestyle trend. It’s an ideal way to ensure you eat a lot of vegetables and it is very simple to incorporate super-spices, such as turmeric and matcha. On top of that, soup is very easy to prepare. Hence, soup doesn’t only answer the growing demand for healthy food it also ticks all the boxes when it comes to convenience.

Food waste

Soup is increasingly being made from residual products, such as pips, seeds and bones, and rejected vegetables. As a result soup makes a significant contribution towards reducing food wastage. Why throw away tomatoes with a split in the skin if they are going to be liquidised? And the wonky parsnip won’t be noticeable in your soup.


It’s not only soup flavours that are being experimented with, but also soup presentation. The way a soup is presented indirectly says something about the soup itself. For example, we have seen soup served in a wine glass (deluxe) and in a preserving jar (artisan). Soup bowls with a natural look are also popular because they emphasise the fresh, pure character of the soup.
Biodore® offers a range of natural soup bowls made of Kraft cardboard and palm fronds. The Kraft cardboard soup bowls are available in various sizes (250, 350 and 450ml) and with a lid, which makes the bowls ideal for take away and delivery. Every single palm frond soup bowl is unique and the natural patterns of the palm fronds create a lively presentation.

If you would like to know more about the natural soup bowls and soup cups from Biodore® ask an assistant at one of our sales outlets.