Healthy and conscious resolutions? Naturally!

3 January 2019

2019 is knocking on the door. The time when most of the Dutch make good resolutions for the New Year. Healthy resolutions are particularly popular: eat healthily, exercise more and stop smoking are in the top-5 virtually every year. In 2019 the healthy choice must also be a conscious choice: more and more people are seriously taking the impact food has on the environment into consideration. And what is applicable for food is also applicable for packaging.

The critical consumer

Food and packaging are inextricably bound together. Trends and developments in food influence the packaging. Consumers who are critical regarding the environmental-impact of their eating habits will look at the packaging in the same critical way and their preference will be for food packaging that has a natural look. Perception takes priority.

Naturally healthy

But it also works the other way round. Packaging influences the consumer’s (tasting) experience. Consumers who are looking for healthy food are more likely to select a natural packaging. Here too it’s the perception that leads the way. And it is certainly true that nature gives us everything we need for a (more) healthy life.

Natural trend

The natural trend is also to be seen in other branches. Natural materials and prints are dominating fashion and interiors. The demand for natural packaging and disposables is increasing: Increasing dramatically now the ban on Single Use Plastics is becoming more real. The natural packaging and disposables from Biodore® can be a good alternative for plastic disposables.

Natural newcomers

To continue being able to meet the increasing demand the Biodore® range is continuously being developed and new articles are being added to the range on a regular basis. The range now also includes prickers, serviettes and reusable bread bags. During the Horecava 2019 we will be presenting even more natural newcomers, including meal containers made of sugar cane (bagasse) as an alternative for the EPS menu containers, and bagasse plates, paper drinking straws and wooden cutlery.

If you would like to know more about the natural packaging from Biodore® ask at one of our retail points.