Good to go with Biodore®

27 March 2019

The out-of-home food market has grown every year for many years. Last year revenue in this market grew yet again as the demand for convenience, time-saving and a multi-sensory experience resulted in more people eating outside the home more often. Packaging plays an important role in answering all these demands.

Younger people (millennials) and couples who both work often eat out. From breakfast to lunch and dinner. These days some young adults don’t even have a kitchen in their apartment: Food is something you go out to eat, or have delivered to you ready-to-eat.

Complete to-go range

Biodore® offers a complete range of catering packaging for take-away, to-go and delivery. From Asian meal boxes, cardboard soup bowls, paper straws and wooden cutlery to practical carrying trays. In the near future we will be introducing another new series of meal containers made from bagasse (sugarcane pulp). This new generation of meal containers is the perfect alternative to the EPS meal containers that will come under the approaching SUP ban. With Biodore® you will be twice as well prepared.

Natural products are preferred

Studies have shown that millennials opt for genuinely sustainable brands. “No less than 93% of millennials want to purchase from companies that are goal-oriented, sustainable and environmentally-aware,.”as clarified by the researchers. As this is the target group that is driving the revenue increase in the to-go market, adapting your concept to them seems sensible. Products with a natural look are preferred. It is very clear that as the worrying signals related to plastics keep increasing so too does the demand for natural products. The natural Biodore® packaging dovetails perfectly with the spirit of today.

The natural Biodore® disposables are available from various sales outlets. These sales outlets are also where you can ask for made-to-measure advice and help with compiling a future-proof packaging range.