Bowled over by bowl-food

27 June 2018

Inspired by the Hawaiian staple – poké – more and more dishes are being served in a bowl. Bowl-food is appearing everywhere: in restaurants, in food-trucks, at festivals and even the local fishmonger is responding to the trend with a wide selection of ready-to-eat bowls. What has made the bowl so popular?

There are several explanations for the current attraction of the bowl. The demand for convenience products is rising and eating out of a bowl is easy. Bowl dishes are often described as ‘comfort food for eating on the sofa’. You simply sit and spoon everything in. Food in a bowl can also be very photogenic, which is another enormous plus, because that’s what today’s consumer wants to see. Food must be visually outstanding and worth sharing.

Photogenic presentation

According to food-stylist Katy Greenwood [1], presenting food in a bowl is easier than on a plate: “With a bowl you only have to make the top layer look good,” she explains. The less photogenic ingredients, like rice, can be hidden underneath.

Natural and vibrant food presentation

Today’s consumers don’t just want photogenic, they also want natural. Products with a natural look are doing well. With Biodore® you’re killing two birds with one stone. Biodore® offers a wide range of bowls in various natural materials, sizes and shapes. Alongside white bowls made of bagasse (sugarcane pulp) there are round, oval and tapered bowls made of palm leaves. The palm leaves’ natural veins make every bowl unique and ensure a vibrant food presentation. And we have various sizes of bowl made of brown Kraft paper, combined with PLA so they are moisture and grease proof. Another major advantage of Biodore® bowls – after use they can be disposed of in the green container.

Are you ready to bowl your customers over with your bowls? Check out our extensive collection of bowls and dishes made of natural materials.