Biodore®: all-year-round enjoyment

21 September 2018

Biodore® is known for creating the atmosphere at outdoor festivals, garden parties and barbecues. Thanks to their natural look Biodore® products make the outdoor experience complete. And that makes them ideal for sunny days and warm evenings. But you can, of course, use these disposables all-year-round because with Biodore® you can also create just the right atmosphere for a winter’s day.  

The days are getting shorter and the temperature is dropping, but these days that doesn’t mean you have to go indoors. People want to enjoy the outdoor season for as long as possible and the border between outside and inside is blurring. The winter barbecue is trending and with Biodore® you can ensure a lively food presentation even on the coldest day.

Off the street

Would you still rather be inside? There too Biodore® is exactly what you need because with Biodore® you are guaranteed not only an exceptional food presentation, but also an attractive table. More and more restaurants are using packaging and disposables to present their dishes. Especially now street-food is so popular. Serve freshly-cooked fries in a wooden cone, noodles in a Kraft paper container and a roll filled with pulled pork on a palm frond plate. That is both original and appetizing.

A totally natural experience

Biodore® also helps you tell a strong story. Totally natural, home made and artisan products are clearly in favour. Natural Biodore® packaging and disposables reflect this trend perfectly. Colour, shape and material usage subconsciously evoke a certain feeling in consumers. Biodore® feels good!

If you would like to know more about the power of Biodore® ask at one of our retail outlets.